Professor of Chinese ethnomedicine, doctor Mu Wan Qian was born in 1951 in the North-East of China. From the age of ten he started to study medicine with his father, a famous Chinese doctor, descendant of an old medical family that once was practicing at the court of the Emperor Tong Zhi (1862-1875) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).




Later Mu Wan Qian studied medicine in Chao Jan monastery in the North of China and in 1989 graduated from Shen Yang Medical Institute. From his early years Mu Wan Qian studied Chinese marital art of Wushu – he learned it first from his father and grandfather. The path of learning led him more then 25 years ago to an experienced master of Tai Chi Juan with whom he is still in contact and who is still guiding him in perfecting his skills in  this marital art. 



Starting 1994 Mu Wan Qian is living and practicing in the city of Kiev.

High degree of professionalism, optimism and kindness bring more and more patients to doctor Mu.